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Beoordelingen - Mohr Communication


Yaxkin supported and helped me to prepare for last interview in inburgerings exam. he has a lot of knowledge and experience for exams. Thanks him for his patient. Eventually I passed my interview easily and confident.
Thanks a lot. And I already recommended him to my friends.

Yaxkin is a great language teacher. He is very knowledgeable, always enthusiastic, and quick to adapt his methods to fit my own interests and ways of learning. He is very flexible about fitting teaching around my erratic schedule, and the results have been really impressive. Thank you Yaxkin!

Yaxkin is a curious, flexible and patient teacher who is open to working with students to achieve their specific goals. I certainly recommend him for any language studies.

Zeker aan te raden!Ik ben echt tevreden van de lessen.Yaxkin kan iedereen goed motiveren en voor iedereen en goede methode vinden.Altijd interessant en op maat. Osiecowz

I employed Yaxkin as a private teacher for weekly dutch language lessons in 2013 and would like to add this recommendation.I had previously failed to learn any useful Dutch from the more traditional class room courses and immediately benefited from Yaxkin's ability to use the immediate enviroment + his own recommeded books to begin speaking more confidently and freely. He makes the lessons fun and creates a great atmosphere to learn in, he is also very very very patient!! hope to continue lessons soon!

I had already been in two Dutch courses before I decided to give it a last attempt. I am very glad I decided to finally learn Dutch with Yaxkin. The class was always fun and relaxed as well as demanding. Yaxkin is very patient and adapts the class to your need, style and pace of learning. His knowledge of many languages makes it much easier as he encourages you to think in Dutch. I highly recommend it.
Celeste, Embassy of Guatemala in The Hague

Hoi Yaxkin , hartelijk bedankt voor alles ! Ik vind Yaxkin een ​​goede leraar. Hij heeft een vrij manier om les te geven en is een persoon met wie je mooie gesprekken kunt hebben en waarvan je wat te leren hebt! Veel succes verder Yaxkin !

I began Dutch lessons with Yaxkin, when I first arrived in The Netherlands. Yaxkin was a very patient teacher and open to adapting his lessons to my style of learning. He also served as a wonderful cultural trainer for me. I appreciate the time he took in taking me to local stores and restaurants and helping me get acclimated to my new surroundings. He made my transition to The Netherlands much easier. Yaxkin is a professional teacher and very approachable. I recommend him highly. Suzanne

Ik heb lessen gevolgd met Yaxkin, en ik ben er tevreden mee. Zijn lesmethode is hartstikke goed. Je leer snel op een simpel en eenvoudige manier. Hij legt alles duidelijk uit. En zich aangepast aan je eigen niveau. Wat ik heel belangrijk vond.Zeker aan te bevelen. Bedankt Yaxkin voor je hulp!

I learnt a lot with Yaxkin and passed my test at the first attempt this time. Classes with him provided me with the right tools to succed. I would definitely recommend anyone to take private lessons with him.Very best,Y. Sanchez

I have changed 2 teachers before I met Yaxkin. He is so patient, very knowledgeable, professional. He can definitely tell when you have a problems. I have highly recommended him if you want pass you exam. I have passed my writing exam. Thanks Yaxkin.


Yaxkin helped me to prepare for my Inburgerings exam (which I passed) in 4 quick sessions. He is very professional, flexible with arranging time and venue and also affordable. I have highly recommended him to friends and colleagues who want to further their Dutch.

I'm so happy that I had a teacher like Yaxkin, because we was not considering ourself like teacher and student but we were also friends,and it was better to communicate and work together as a team. I had my private lesson with him for nearly three months and it was really nice to see that everyday I was learning new words, new phrases in dutch and a lots about dutch society(samenleving),but i was also willing to learn more not only what was written in the books.and after three months i had i go back to my country to do my exam (toets gesproken nederlands].I'm so happy that i passed my exam but with lots of pratice and homework on my own. Tips for yaxkin's future student :listen ,ask question, do your homework and practice.you will definitely succeed. Feel success.

Als eerste leerling van Yaxkin heb ik hem geadviseerd om zich verder te verdiepen in de theorie van het rij-examen. Inmiddels heeft hij zijn niveau dusdanig verbeterd dat hij zich een goede begeleider mag noemen in dit traject. Helaas heeft dit bij mij op dat moment niet het gewenste effect gehad maar ben er toch in geslaagd om mijn theorie te halen ;-)Mijn praktijklessen volg ik bij autorijschool Delgado (www.autorijschooldelgado.nl) welke lees geeft in het Spaans, Portugees, Engels en Kreools. Dit is dus een perfect combinatie van theorie en praktijk voor de mensen die Spaans, Portugees of Engels spreken.

Thanks Yaxkin! Bedankt Jongen! It was great that you were able to give me dutch lessons at my work. This saved me time in my busy schedule. Dutch is not the easiest language, but your patience gave me confidence to start speaking more freely, which made a big difference to my conversational skills.Also, if you want the best from Yaxkin make sure you have coffee ready when he arrives.

It really was helpful to have you as teacher. I could do the A2 exam with confidence and with great results! I passed all the exams at once. Definitely was a good choice to have had your classes.Thanks!

Dutch private lesson in Amsterdam.
Yaxkin is a great Dutch teacher. He came from The Hague to the library near the Amsterdam Central Station, convenient location and easily accessible, to teach me. He is responsible and efficient and I could learn much faster with him. He also helped me to build my self-confidence that I could start speaking in daily life situations. I highly recommend him. Thank you for your kindly help Yaxkin!

was al 5x gezakt het kwam me strot uit. Ik heb bijles gehad van yaxkin En het heeft geholpen in de eerste 25 vragen had ik er 7 fout dat is niet erg. Maar het laaste onderdeel mag je er maar 5 fout hebben van de 40. Ik had 0 fout echt!!!. Ik ben zo trots als een pauw. Nogmaals dank voor je bijles.

Hoi Yaxkin,Eindelijke neem ik de tijd om je te bedanken voor je nuttige lessen.Je gaf me de methode en zeker de motivatie om mijn Nederlandse taalkennis te verbeteren.Ik ben echt blij dat ik voor mijn Exam NT2 Niveau 2 ben geslaagd (de 4 onderdelen in een keer!).Het was niet zo moeilijk omdat ik goed voorbereid was.Ik zal je contact aan vriendinnen geven. Groetjes, Catherine

Ik zou Je willen bedanken voor de SUPER LESSEN. Daardoor heb ik de NT2 gehaald. Dat betekent heel veel voor mijn toekomst. Nogmaals hartelijk bedankt.

I was fortunate to have Yaxkin as a teacher for my intensive Dutch course. He helped me with all sections (speaking, listening, reading, writing) and at the end I acquired a lot of information that I will definitely use during my stay in the Netherlands. I highly recommend Yaxkin and if you choose him to be your teacher, you will not be disappointed.Thanks, Yaxkin.

Yaxkin also provides you with a great insight of the Dutch culture, what makes you feel integrated into the Dutch society and part of the public life. I highly recommend Yaxkin.

Yaxkin constructs the lessons in such a way that we combine practical conversation with grammar and spelling to give the right balance and a solid grounding in the language. He is a very dynamic and enthusiastic teacher which made the lessons also quite fun! He also came to the office which was really convenient for fitting lessons around the working day.Thanks Yaxkin and I hope to be able to restart the lessons soon!

Mijn lessen met Yaxkin waren ... een schot in de roos; zijn lessen waren precies wat ik had gezocht: uitdagend, grappig, interessant, op maat - gewoon goed. Ik heb binnen de kortste tijd heel veel kunnen leren en kon ik zonder problemen het NT2 II-diploma halen. Yaxkin weet gewoon wat een leerling nodig heeft om verder te komen met de taal. Hij is docent met hart en ziel. Dat was tenminste mijn indruk. Bedankt, Yaxkin!

Yaxkin taught me for over a year with private lessons to help me reach B2 level for the NT2 Programma II exam. He makes sure to ask the right questions about what your goal is at the beginning of your lessons and to make sure you can achieve that realistically. He is enthusiastic, professional, always punctual and responsive. Because of his interest in travels and other cultures/countries, he is able to communicate the Dutch language & culture clearly. He is also actively explores NL in his spare time and is passionate about sharing updates about exhibitions or places to visit that can help with your cultural awareness/integration which is always appreciated. Bedankt Yaxkin voor jouw hulp met de Nederlandse taal! 16 July 2018

I did private Dutch lessons with Yaxkin for couple of months and the result was fantastic. I have improved very quickly and the approaches he used were very helpful. Yaxkin is a professional and a very pleasent person who makes learning dutch easy and interesting.
Christian 2018

My wife and I had a great experience studying Dutch with Yaxkin. He is a friendly, and patient teacher. Every lesson was always fun and we improve greatly from what we already have in very short of time. Our case is a bit difficult to handle. My wife's level of Dutch is higher than mine, but he managed to teach us without any major problem. I would recommend Yaxkin if you want to have a fun and good Dutch lessons.

"Yaxkin has been teaching Dutch and German lessons within our company for the last 4 years. Students who participated came from every company level, from director to warehouse worker and classes were both individual and in small groups.
Yaxkin is a very pleasant teacher who can easily adapt his style to different levels and needs of his audience. As his lessons are taylormade, our employees are able to study exactly the vocabulary they need for their work.
He is reliable, punctual and well prepared and our employees are very enthusiastic to join his classes.
In short, we are very happy with Yaxkin as our Dutch and German teacher and can recommend him without hesitation to any other company. "

Yaxkin is an excellent communicator and can adjust the pace and tone of teaching per the needs and asks. I found him very cooperative , transparent and goal oriented. He helped me set up some clear targets and i was therefore able to pass all my exams in the first go. Thank you yaxkin. Deena

Een zeer bekwame leraar die me met veel geduld hielp om mijn probleempunten te vinden en te verbeteren.Reza

Hoi Yaxkin,hartelijk bedankt. De lessen waren interessant en ik kreeg veel nuttige informatie , methodes en technieken om nederlandse taal verbeteren. Groetjes.

If you're looking for a good value from a Dutch language course, I would really recommend Yaxkin. I have followed 3 other courses during my stay in the Netherlands so far and I would say that the course with Yaxkin is the most efficient and fun. He knows well to assess your level and your learning style and tune the lessons based on what you need to evolve efficiently. He will have patience but also transfer you a form of enthousiasm needed to learn (particularly) this language and also to start using it. And he will do that while smiling and you enjoying the lesson. Succes met het leren van Nederlands! 13 juni 2018

Hoi Yaxkin,hartelijk bedankt .De lessen waren interessant en ik kreeg veel nuttige informatie , methodes en technieken nederlanse taal verbeteren. Groetjes.

After failing the inburgering speaking test once, I seek help from Yaxkin after getting great referral from a friend. He did not disappoint, he really takes the time to understand my objective and then tailored an approach that can work with my schedule and my learning style. Speaking itself, couple with your own accent , is hard to correct but he gave me quick tips to practice in a fun way. I passed the second time!

Very professional but also friendly and approachable person. Learning new language is a big source of anxiety for me but with Yaxkin I was feeling more comfortable and less nervous to speak as for example with my previous teacher.

Michaela juni 2019

I had private lessons with Yaxkin for a bit more than a year. I started with almost no Dutch skills at all and now I can lead meetings in Dutch at work and I have no problems speaking Dutch with friends or in daily live. Also I passed my NT2 exam which certifies that I am on B2 level. I really enjoyed the course a lot! Especially Yaxkin's intercultural skills and the fact that he also speaks German and English perfectly. Moreover he showed a lot of flexibilty when it comes to the day and time of the class and was always open for feedback and to adapt the course to my needs. Besides this it was just always fun, which I found to be very important when you have a class after a long day at work.
Hartelijk dank Yaxkin!!

I had Dutch lessons with Yaxkin and he was really pleasant, methodic, professional, objective and fun during classes. He provides excellent tools for the understanding of grammar, phonetics and your learning objectives, plus motivation to continue to listen, practice and do not give up on Dutch! Yaxkin also presented me with Netherland cultural information and it is always nice to know. I really recommend Yaxkin as a teacher. Dank je, Albertina.

I am very happy with the introductory Dutch lesson I had with Yax. He is friendly, professional, and clearly has a lot of experience teaching Dutch to foreigners. Highly recommended.

Yaxkin has a wonderful disposition, and is very patient.
He is engaging, thoughtful and has a good understanding how to engage .
Yaxin also includes Dutch culture in his lessons which helps .
Great teacher.

I've been looking for a Dutch language teacher who is able to teach & explain from a foreigners' point of view for a while. When I met Yaxkin, I know he was the one who could help me out. As someone who is starting to learn Dutch, I had way too many questions, Yaxkin was magically able to explain all of them to me. Through Yaxkin's guidance I was able to build sentences in Dutch, write small personal stories, learning a whole lot of new vocabularies, and dicovering new tips & tricks to learn Dutch the best way. I highly recommend Yaxkin to be your Dutch teacher!


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