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Methods & Motivation - Mohr Communication

Methods & Motivation

Method of teaching

I am student-oriented, adapting to the individual students’ interests, goals and abilities. Whether it is Dutch for daily use, for your study or for your professional career, my commitment is to help you achieve that linguistic literacy. Language is the key to survival and understanding life and society, for that reason my lessons are targeted at giving you practical, applicable courses that you can use in daily life. On top of general materials, I invite you to bring your own materials or topics, articles of interest which you may need help in to use in our lessons.

Why do I teach Dutch?

My interest in teaching Dutch to newcomers in the Netherlands arises from this
positive experience I have had of travelling around the globe. For newcomers, I strive to be a teacher and coach to make your stay in the Netherlands a pleasant one. I hope to not only teach you the language but also introduce you to the way things work in this new country; answer your questions about cultural differences, or just shed light about how cultural habits may differ.